my favorite thing about school was sitting with your friend and flipping through a random textbook pointing at ugly pictures and saying “that’s you.”

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Time to catch up.

So about two weeks ago this post was titled High School Crush… Because I had an old crush who I liked a lot come back in my life.But then I had another guy re-enter my life a week ago and he and I have about four years of history. And then two days ago I had another high school crush re-enter my life!! Mind you I have been “talking” to my best friend off and on for a few months AND things ended terribly between the basketball player and I. I need to write a book my “love life” should be entertaining the world. So what am I gonna do you ask?

  • High school crush number one… He is not as attractive as I remember,lol. But we did meet in person…Wasn’t too awk even though he asked for a kiss which he did not receive. 
  • Four years of history….. We had plans for him to come visit this week…. I canceled them. I will not go into detail but he has a lot to prove.
  • High school crush number two… MY FAV..He used to make me melt by speaking to me in our freshman PE class and now he wants to confess his love for me… WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. THE END.
  • My “best friend”… his phone is turned off I am sure he will not happy whenever he contacts me again.

Woooohoooooo, what an eventful last few weeks it has been for my little heart! Whatsup July?


Auf Gehts Deutschland!! 🇩🇪

My longest relationship was a year… Took forever to get over that. I knew that chick in his top 8 was more than a friend.

Getting ready to head to the dance studio in my fancy bra.


another monday of hustlin the corporate world.

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Two big soccer games tomorrow meaning I won’t get anything done and I’ll probably eat Skittles for breakfast.

Writing to release.

So umm yeahhh, lol. Where do I even begin. My feelings were hurt for the last time by the basketball player this week. After our last falling out he said the whole it’s not you it’s me… He needed to find himself… He couldn’t do long distance. Long story short he is sitting pretty with his new and improved girlfriend who lives in Puerto Rico and I was crying listening to Pandora for hours. So every reason he gave me as to why it would not work he made it work with someone else… Who he began talking to while we were still whatever. So I’ll admit I lost it… I went off via text and even told a few people I hoped his plane crashed… And told him “give me my hat back I wouldn’t want you wearing it in front of your new girlfriend” lol. When my feelings are hurt I can say the craziest things. I gave this guy many opportunities to leave me alone but I guess he wanted to “hurt” me in the process. So I’ve done all I can.. From my immature texts to crying and eating my emotions. I know it’ll take time and I probably won’t get my hat back but it I’m very ready to start this forgive and forget process.

Hey it’s me.