I should be doing laundry..

The feels.

Man… It’s really not fair having feelings for someone who doesn’t see you in that way. I’ve eaten tons of ice cream… Listened to sad music…. Went on a random date (fail)….. Eaten about twelve large pizzas… And I’m still swimming in all these feelings… Okay that was whack but seriously. I want them gone it’s annoying.

Shout out to the lady who blessed me with a $15 gift card to Olive Garden.. Now if only someone could bless me with a date? 😩

Anons ? 👀

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ACL was one of the most fantastical moments in my entire life.


Just in case you guys forgot that I’m somewhat of a dancer… Here’s the full video for those who just saw pieces on Instagram. Enjoy!

Anonymous asked: Lol. I guess I hope I am who you think I am too, otherwise this is even more awkward than it already has the potential to be. Scary. FINAL STEP: Show me, and tumblr, your greatest choreo ever in life.

Ummm I’ve learned a lot of fantastic choreo… Im not an amazing dancer because my illness messes with my memory. So I guess any choreo that I can really pick up on without forgetting is my favorite.. Most recent would be Rocket-Beyoncé. I’ll reblog the video.. I think I know how to do that.

Anonymous asked: Sigh. That's a pretty amazing future, but you missed the part about us being happy. You know, like together. Step 2: Tell me, and tumblr, your greatest fear for your future self.

Blahhhhhh can’t do that if I don’t know who you are.. Duh. Fear…. Future self… Probably that I remain the same ol pathetic person I am now, lol. Or that my illness gets worse. (Side note: I hope you are who I think you are… If not well I don’t know.)

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Let’s get lost

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Anonymous asked: Step 1 of an unknown number of steps: Tell me, and Tumblr, your greatest hope for your future self.

Haha! Greatest hope….. Future self…. I want to be more confident! And do things and not worry about what others are thinking! And to be the best in my career field! Graduating college would be cool. Also want to throw in a heart shaped pizza.